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Wednesday, January 22nd - Wednesday January 29th

This Sunday, our Children’s Choir graced us with a lovely rendition of "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing”. Thank you ladies!


Job Jar

Please consider giving an hour or two of your time and signing up for a task to do around CPC. See the link below to sign up now!




Please do not fold checks or staple checks/money in the offering envelopes. We have been having problems with folds in checks at the bank. The offering envelopes are large enough to fit a flat check. Thank you!


Need a birthday gift? Housewarming present? CPC’s YACHT Club still has CPC Cookbooks for sale for only $10! Recipes were contributed by members and their family and friends. Books are on a table in the back of the sanctuary and money can be given to Cindy Riker or Andrea Rottkamp.

GS Cookie


They’re back! Everyone’s favorite snack, Girl Scout cookies are back! We are lucky enough to have 3 Girl Scouts in our church and they will be taking turns setting up cookie tables over the next 7 weeks. Dates to be announced, but be prepared with your lists! Cookies are $5.00 per box, $6.00 per box 
for gluten free. Thank you, in advance, for your support!


If you haven’t turned in your pledge card for 2020 yet, it’s not too late! If you have no idea what pledging is about, never heard of it before or have any questions, please talk to Pastor Ryan. Extra cards can be found on the back table near the ushers, and can be turned in via the offering plate. Thank you!!


The Finance Committee encourages more congregants to use their bank’s auto pay feature to ease the contribution process and to assure a more consistent cash flow for CPC. It’s a fast and easy process that allows you to set up payments automatically, and your bank mails a check directly to the church! You can do it one time if you are on vacation or absent, or set it up to be sent out regularly. No more worrying if you forgot your cash or checkbook! And couldn’t we all use one less thing to worry about?See this Fall’s Kindred Spirit for a step by step tutorial on how to set up auto bill pay!


The offering plate is on a table at the rear of the Sanctuary. Members and visitors are invited to place their offering in the plate on their way into worship. We will continue to have a Dedication of Offering prayer during worship. Also, the Deacons’ Offering will continue to be collected once a month via passing of the plates.

If you know that you will be missing worship due to vacations or travel, please send in your offering to the office before you leave. You can send an envelope with your pledge and/or offering so that the work of Christ’s church continues to be funded. You can either drop it in the mail yourself, or set us up in your bank's bill pay as a vendor!

What do our Deacons do? Here are a few examples:

Card ministry to members

Provide food and financial assistance to those in

           need in our congregation and community.

Sponsor four children at Kids Alley.

Interfaith Hospitality Network volunteers.

Donate funds to assist local community mission


And much, much more….how can you help?

Did you know…every year CPC pays the Per Capita for every member of the church upfront?  By paying back the church for your portion of the Per Capita, you free up funds in our regular budget to be used for ministry and mission in our community.  Thank you to all of you who have already paid your share at only $38.75 per member.  If you have not yet paid your Per Capita, we hope you will consider doing so. Thank you!

Do you love to sing?  The Adult Choir has CHANGED THEIR REHEARSAL TIME to Sunday mornings at 10 am.to accommodate more singers. They are no longer meeting on Thursday evenings and will be singing at worship every other Sunday.  The Children's Choir will be singing once per month and special music will be provided on the other Sunday.  You DO NOT have to know how to read music to join us in praising the Lord through song.  Everyone is welcome!

Do you have a favorite hymn that you’d love to hear in church? If so, let us know! There is a hymn sign up sheet on the main bulletin board.


If you feel God calling you to help teach children about God’s love, the Bible and Jesus, there’s an opportunity to help!  Even if you want to assist another teacher, or be a substitute as needed in the fall, please contact Rev. Ryan. Our children are the future of the church-come and help them on their faith journey!

Junior Church will now be held on the second and fourth Sundays each month.  This allows families the opportunity to worship together. Also, Bonnie needs someone to assist her with Junior Church. If you are interested in helping her in the fall, please let her know.

515 East Main Street, Marlton, NJ 08053


Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00am - 2:00pm

Service Times:

Regular Hours:

11:00am Worship time
Sunday School & Adult Ed begin at 9:45am

Check out our newsletter, The Kindred Spirit, here!

Pastor – The Rev. Lory D. Ryan
Administrative Assistant – Andrea Rottkamp
Nursery Attendant – Elaine Grippo
                                           Ellen Sandoval

Treasurer – Kim Smolley

The Session

The Rev. Lory D. Ryan, Moderator
Gerry Ehala, Clerk of Session
Bonnie Bovaird
Cindy Higgins
Barbara Trought
Rose Van Keuren
William Van Keuren

The Board of Deacons

Andrea Rottkamp, Moderator
Shirley Anderson
Elaine Grippo
Jim Murphy
Rebecca Ojeda

To submit a prayer of joy or concern, email us at cpc.marlton@gmail.com

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